The Long Term Results of Hemorrhoid Banding Using The O’Regan Disposable Suction Ligator©.

Cleator Iain G.M. and Cleator Maria M.

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Recognizably by health care providers in clinical practice, hemorrhoidal disease is a very prevalent problem for their patients. As the treatment paradigm for definitive intervention (e.g. using infrared coagulation or hemorrhoidal surgery) has historically been quite morbid for patients, the majority of health care providers have been reluctant to refer patients for therapy. A composite approach using topical therapies for steroids and analgesics has for some patients provided temporary relief, but overall quite ineffective long-term effective treatment results

Dr. Iain Cleator, a renowned surgeon from Vancouver BC has had long-term interest in effective hemorrhoidal therapy. His seminal work using the O’Regan rubber band ligation system has highlighted a new approach for effective intervention. In this monograph, Dr. Cleator presents his clinical results – which is the single largest experience in the world – involving the placement of over 20,000 bands in 6,690 patients.

The results of Dr. Cleator’s work highlight the safety and efficacy of the O’Regan system. The publication of this work provides a foundation of knowledge highlighting the vast clinical experience and impressive results and will be an invaluable resource reference for physicians interested in providing optimal and definitive hemorrhoidal treatment!

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